The sweet smell of fatherhood

On Father's Day 2017 The Manila Lifestyle published a big feature article on Joel Cruz, dubbed in the South Eastern Asia as the Lord of Scents, a successful businessman and the most prolific surrogate father in the world, who parented 6 children through surrogacy in Russia and is hoping for more children to come from Moscow.

His third set of twins, Prince Charles and Prince Charlotte, were born a few months ago in Russia, same as four-and-a-half-year-old Prince Sean and Princess Synne, and one-and-a-half-year-old Prince Harry and Prince Harvey - through surrogacy and the use of donor eggs from the same Russian woman artificially fertilized with Mr. Cruzs sperm and three different surrogate mothers.

Mr. Cruz, who waited for almost two decades to have children through surrogacy, wouldnt have it any other way. All his initial attempts to have children in different countries through IVF and a number of surrogate mothers resulted in failure until he turned to Russia.

All three Russian programs were arranged and coordinated by Rosjurconsulting law firm specialized in third party reproduction, specifically surrogacy.

Russia and the USA (some states only) are the only two countries in the world where all categories of intended parents couples, single men and women can legally make their dream come true through surrogacy, says Konstantin Svitnev, a prominent international lawyer and Rosjurconsulting C.E.O. Since 2003, when our company was founded, we helped hundreds of patients to start their families, but Mr. Cruz is really a unique case, as with the birth of third set of his surrogate twins he set a Guinnes record.

Through the Russian companys recommendations, I purposely sought out the right candidate to become my childrens mother, Mr. Cruz said. I want all my children to come from the same parents.

The millionaire seems undaunted that he would soon become a father six times over. Unlike the time when Sean and Synne came to his life, Cruz admits that hes more relaxed now and enjoying every moment as it comes. He credits this to the fact that practice does make perfect.

To this day, Cruz cant help but be awed and whisper a prayer of thanks every time he stares at his children, especially when theyre sleeping. Part of his prayer is to be able to raise them as good, caring people.

I also want to live long thats why Im taking care of myself, he said. I want to see each of them get married. I want to see my grandchildren.

But his first set of twins deepening maturity has a flipside to it. Sean, the more playful of the two, seems oblivious at the moment, but Synne has started to ask her daddy certain questions, particularly about their mothers whereabouts. To this, Cruz would simply tell her daughter that mommy is in Russia.

Im not afraid to tell them the truth, but thats how far their young minds would be able to understand at present, he said. I dont think theyd be able to understand what IVF and surrogacy are. Even certain adults Ive talked to have difficulty understanding them.

When that time comes, I would try to be as honest and as forthcoming to them as possible, said Cruz.

Soon Prince Charles and Princess Charlotte will leave gold-domed Moscow for Manila' tropical paradise. I do hope that they might return some day to Russia, together with their brothers and sisters, just to see the country where they were born, Konstantin Svitnev said.

Source: The Manila Lifestyle

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