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Here you can find a list of agencies that could help you in making your dream come true. We could assist you in various aspects: from finding a surrogate to obtaining the Birth Certificate for your baby.

When publishing the information on the site, we decided to give you only reliable and useful data obtained from our clients, partners and other sources. As we want you to be given only professional service, we decided to give you information on reliable companies and medical centers only.

That is why you can find here some facts about one company only. We can’t make you turn to our company for help, but we can prove that the services we provide are the best ones you can be given in this field.

When choosing a company to turn to, pay attention to the following issues:

  • Legal registration and documents. It is desirable that the company should be registered by a person who works for this company and you should have a look at the original of the registration papers of the company and ask for a copy when signing a contract;
  • Experience. That kind of assistance is quite new for Russia and in the world in general. However, we wouldn’t recommend dealing with a company that has less than a 2-year experience in this field;
  • Do everything you can to make sure that the company you have chosen is reliable. Google it, try to find out its clients’ reference letters, surrogates’ opinion of the company. You can find such information on Internet forums, in blogs and livejournals;
  • Company’office. The cosier and more comfortable the office is, the better. Have a look at the personnel’s appearances, at what they are doing. When in office, look whether they have a lot of clients calling them, whether they have their own business cards, forms or sample envelopes. These small things might tell you a lot about the company you’ve decided to turn to for assistance;
  • General Manager. The first thing you should do when deciding to implement a surrogacy programme with the chosen company is to meet its General Manager in person. Don’t hesitate to ask him or her any questions you are interested in, ask him or her to produce his or her ID documents, education certificate or whatever — people doing fair business have nothing to hide from their clients. You confide that person not only with you money but with your child’s life. That is why you should be certain that he or she is reliable. If your questions are dealt with with irritation or the answers given are unclear, that’s the first sign for you to reconsider you choice;
  • Surrogate database. A reliable agency will never offer you a huge database with millions of surrogates for you to choose at once, because searching for an appropriate carrier for your baby will always take some time. Even a company engaged in surrogacy for a long period of time will ask you to give it some time to find surrogate candidates for you. When looking at the pictures of the candidates suggested by the company managers, pay attention to when and where these pictures were taken;
  • When signing a contract, make sure it protects your rights. The more carefully it is spelt-out, the better. We’d recommend you consulting a lawyer before signing a contract;
  • Guarantees. If an agency guarantees you success at the first attempt, think twice whether you’ve chosen the right agency. Be especially careful about financial guarantees and reimbursements, i.e. what happens with the money you paid if the surrogate refuses to give you the baby. One of the most important guarantees to keep in mind when signing a contract is that the fee for the programme should be fixed for the whole period of the implementation. The contract should also stipulate that a DNA test could be taken to verify the genetic relation between you and the baby;
  • Mode of payment. A reliable company will never ask you to pay in cash, all transactions must be made with receipts. If you are unsatisfied with the services you have been provided, you can always file an appeal, and the receipts will be a proof for the guilt of the company. It the agency you have chosen asks you to effect a transaction for a private individual or for an unreliable company, that’s a bad sign;
  • Credit or payment in installments are always an advantage. If the agency you have chosen agrees with the payment scheme or accepts your payment upon the delivery, be sure that this agency is reliable. We’d recommend you opening an irrevocable credit account for your agents to receive the money as soon as they have fulfilled their obligations;
  • Unpredictable circumstances. A reliable company will always make you special allowances in case you’ve faced some unpredictable unfavourable circumstances in you life. For example, we know a couple that was allowed to have an extension for paying off their credit due to unpredictable changes in their family budget;
  • Medical centre. It is you who choose the medical centre you like, the agency can only offer you a list of medical centers where you could implement a surrogacy programme. You can check out such a list on our web-site;
  • Surrogates’ accommodation in Moscow. You should know where and with whom your baby is at the moment. If the agency conceals this information from you, that’s not a good sign;
  • Legality. Professionals will never ask you to do something illegal. Keep off agencies saying you will obtain all the documents as soon as the officers ‘have settled the matter on a personal basis’ or ‘the surrogate should be registered as you wife when delivering the baby’.

Rosjurconsulting (Росюрконсалтинг) – Law Firm. 14 years of success in surrogacy business in Russia. First in Russia.

Rosjurconsulting (est. 2003) is the first law firm in Russia and C.I.S. countries (former USSR) engaged in third party reproduction and especially surrogacy. For over nine years Rosjurconsulting has been successfully specialized in reproductive law and third party reproduction programs including recruiting surrogate mothers, oocyte donors, sperm donors, as well as legal support and integrated management of exclusive personalized programs of surrogate motherhood in Russia and abroad. Rosjurconsulting is the first and only law firm in Russia, dealing with reproductive programs, which allow couples who are not married officially and single intended parents to become parents through surrogacy.

Konstantin Svitnev

“Rosjurconsulting” CEO. Konstantin Nikolayevich Svitnev is a member of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and a legal expert with the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Rosjurconsulting motto, as Mr. Konstantin Svitnev, company’s founder and CEO, put it is “Any human has the right to be a parent, any child has the right to be born”.

No mother’s name
The first surrogacy programs for single intended parents in Russia – both men and women – were implemented by Rosjurconsulting. The first birth certificate of a “surrogate” child born to a single father with only father’s name on it as a sole parent and no mother’s name in Russia was received by the Rosjurconsulting lawyers. Dozens of such birth certificates have been received since then.

A child as a gift
For the first time in history Rosjurconsulting launched 10 free gestational surrogacy programs for intended parents who cannot implement their reproductive programs due to financial problems. More information here

TV and press
Rosjurconsulting is the most famous and popular law firm among Russian and foreign mass media when it comes to surrogacy or any related issues. As a rule, all the news on surrogate motherhood and third party reproduction are commented in the media by Mr. Konstantin Svitnev, Rosjurconsulting’s CEO.

Foreigners as well
Foreigners have the same rights as for assisted reproduction including surrogacy as Russian citizens. Rosjurconsulting have been serving foreign citizens since 2003. Couples and individuals from Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA became parents through surrogacy with Rosjurconsulting’s help.

The company not only provides exhaustive legal support to its foreign clients on all stages of their reproductive program until they safely leave with their child for home, but also can help in all travel-related issues – getting a visa, booking a hotel, meeting at the airport upon arrival.

Marital status, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship and nationality just do not matter. Rosjurconsulting is glad assisting all people from around the world wishing to become parents through surrogacy.
A documentary Dein Bauch – mein Baby! made by German TV Focus on a success story of a couple from Germany who became parents through surrogacy thanks to Rosjurconsulting. The documentary can be seen here   (first part) and (second part). This step-by-step story answers any questions that might be asked by foreigners wishing to become parents through surrogacy in Russia.


  • Dozens of packages or certain services are available, which depends on customer’s needs and the budget planned for this program.
  • Full coordination and organization of surrogate motherhood and reproductive health programs from the selection of a surrogate mother to getting birth certificates with both intended parent’s names on it. No name of the surrogate would be mentioned.
  • Selection of surrogate mothers and donors, check of information provided by them.
  • Legal services, drafting contracts with surrogates.
  • Supervisor’s services to control the behavior of a surrogate mother in the course of the preparation for the beginning of the program and during the program.
  • Accommodation of surrogate mothers and donors in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kyiv in the course of the preparation for the beginning of the program and during pregnancy.
  • Prenatal care in a specialized clinic until delivery in a maternity hospital chosen by parents.
  • Assistance in obtaining the consent of a surrogate mother to record customers of the surrogate program in the Birth Certificate and the Register of Births as the only legal parents.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents to receive a birth certificate in a state registry office.
  • Complete legal support, representation of customers.
  • Services of nurses and au-pairs if needed.


The minimum package of services including provision of a surrogate examined in accordance with the requirements of Order No. 67 of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, legal support, costs on organization and coordination of the program up to moment of signing the surrogacy contract by the surrogate mother costs 450,000 rubles (which is approximately 11,250 Euros or 15,000 USD).


Credit and payment by installments are available. As a rule, there are four payments depending on the package. Rosjurconsulting is the only law firm in Russia that offers escrow account services, credit payment plans and payment made when the baby is born, i. e. an irrevocable letter of credit.


  • The first company that appeared on the market, which means vast practical experience based on programs implemented already.
  • Competent and qualified lawyers specializing exclusively in third party reproduction, specifically surrogacy.
  • No hidden or extra charges. Really all-inclusive packages. Program continues until the baby is born without any additional payments.
  • Full coordination of surrogacy programs, so the customer must take care of timely made payments only.
  • Skilled supervisors.
  • Checked and competent contract with the customer.
  • No extra or hidden charges. Contract price is never changed.
  • Not a single case when a surrogate mother decided to keep the child.
  • Legal guarantees.
  • Flexible payment plans. Payment is made when the baby is born, i. e. an irrevocable letter of credit.
  • Helps in all travel-related issues – getting a visa, booking a hotel, meeting at the airport.
  • Nice offices in downtown Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Rosjurconsulting handle surrogacy programs in both Russia and Ukraine.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Special programs allowing single intended parents, both men and women, to become parents through surrogacy.


  • Very strict confidentiality policy. Rosjurconsulting does not provide any information on their customers and the programs implemented.
  • Cash payments are not accepted by Rosjurconsulting. Payments should be made only by bank transfer to the nominated bank account.
  • The program continues until the childbirth, but may be delayed due to strict requirements for surrogate mothers. It might take a long time to make additional medical tests and examine them in various hospitals, candidates are excluded from the program if there is any doubt, even smallest, though any surrogate’s change is free of charge for the client.
  • Might be a con for some clients – Rosjurconsulting doesn’t arrange traditional surrogacy programs using eggs of the surrogate to avoid a genetic link between the surrogate and the child she’s bearing.

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