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Adopting a child and letting him or her into your family is one of the noblest things anyone could ever do. Hundreds of thousands of children all over the world meet their new adoptive parents every year. In Russia adoption still remains a complicated issue. As a rule, adoptive children have a bad genetic background, they grow up and are brought up in extremely unfavourable conditions. There is no need to say that all these factors do serious harm to their physical and mental health.

Sometimes it takes years and years for an adoptive child to get used to his or her new parents, to their way of life. And even those who manage to get used to it can have occasional psychological ‘collapses’ that might entail serious consequences.

When deciding to adopt a child, one should take all these factors into account. Children who have been separated from their parents often come with an array of problems which could have a considerable impact on you and your family.

Adoption and Legal Advice

Adoption is quite a complicated legal procedure in Russia. According to Article 125 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, adoption is treated as a special legal case when a person (or several persons) willing to adopt a child files an application for adoption. Article 21 of the Russian Code of Civil Procedure determines the package of documents the applicant is to produce. Most of these papers concern the applicant’s social background, health and income.

The heraing of the court is preceded by numerous preliminary procedures during which the judge examines the case and can require different additional documents, besides those mentioned above, to reveal possible restrictions, stipulated by the Family Code of the Russian Federation, and decide whether or not the adoptive parent is suitable for the child. If the preliminary procedure does not find any factors that could impede the adoption, the judge fixes the date of the hearing of the court which is the guardian and the prosecutor are obliged to be present at. If the application is approved by the court, adoptive parents then have the adoption registered in the registry office (in Russia the registry office is called ‘ZAGS’ (stands for ‘registry of civil acts’)). According to Article 44 of the Civil Act, a new birth certificate is then made up.

Most childless couples pick up children for adoption because they cannot have kids of their own naturally. The scientific breakthrough has made it possible for infertile couples to make their dream of having a child come true.

We would advise adopting a child in cases when due to the intended parents’ age getting genetic material from them becomes impossible. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that reproductive technologies can help you have a child of your own, even though your biological relation to it will be only partial.

Now you can choose an oocyte and sperm donor, require all the information about their relatives up to their grandparents’ generations. Thus, you can follow up your future child’s genetic background up to the fourth generation.

In Russia there is only one law firm providing that kind of service.

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