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Welcome to the pages of the first independent Russian website on surrogacy and all related issues. More than 6 million couples in Russia are infertile and have already lost the hope of having a child of their own. There are millions of prospective single parents from all over the world who are not married but, nevertheless, would like to have children genetically related to them without getting married.

Russia’s population goes down every year, the demographic situation in the country is about to turn into a catastrophe. Even the continuous flow of immigrants from the C.I.S countries (former USSR republics) cannot improve the country’s demographics.

Is there any way out? Is there any chance for millions of childless people to have a baby of their own? The assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have made it possible for them to become parents.

Surrogacy acquired the legal status in the Russian Federation in 1995 to become a real solution for millions of childless people, especially from the countries where surrogacy is still prohibited.

However, even nowadays there are people who are still unaware of such a possibility, some people consider surrogacy as a sin, others think it’s illegal. The Internet and the media are swarmed with fantastic myths about surrogacy. By confusing their clients, surrogacy agencies often make profit on their grief with more and more intended parents falling victims to surrogate swindlers and mediators dealing with surrogacy every year.

Lack of reliable information on surrogacy is becoming an especially burning issue now that public interest in it is growing. Our website will provide you with reliable information that will help you find answers to your questions and avoid problems that might arise when wanting to start a surrogacy programme.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about surrogacy, egg, sperm and embryo donation, legal and medical issues concerning surrogacy. It will be our pleasure to help you in making your dream come true in Russia.

Foreigners are entitled to the same rights to surrogacy as the Russians are. So, starting a surrogacy programme in Russia might be a real solution to you! A sole visit to our site might change your life completely. Come to Russia and have a child? Now it is possible! We would also appreciate if you shared your own experience with us!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Vladislav Melnikov, the CEO of the European Surrogacy Center, demands that investigator Smirnova be removed from the “case” of fertility doctors.

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Vladislav Melnikov, the CEO of the European Surrogacy Center, demands that investigator Smirnova be removed from the “case” of fertility doctors.

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