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We are glad to publish here personal testimonials of very different people from different countries who successfully completed their programs and became parents through surrogacy.

Please feel free to share with us your success story!


We thought God had played his cards, and that they were not in our favor. We thought a baby was not an option due to my wife having a genetic disorder – therefore passing it on to our child. Little did we know, because we are now blessed with the most beautiful baby boy. As we look at our life now, it is completely upside down from where we began. Now a baby is sleeping in his crib and we are busy sterilizing bottles and changing diapers. But 2,5 years ago, we thought it impossible.

Based on trust and a carefully study we contacted ROSJURCONSULTING. Mailing back and forth and when paperwork was finally over, we went to Moscow. Pick up at airport, comfortable accommodation, meeting with Konstantin himself and got a personal translator too – we couldn’t have asked for anything else. It all seemed so professional and we felt that all was taken care off. All we had to do was visit the clinic to deliver the genetic material. Then we were off. Finding an egg donor was a need for us – again due to the hereditarily genetic disorder my wife has. But we were presented with a lot of candidates to choose from, and we soon found match. A different surrogate was needed to carry the baby. It was important to us, that the egg donor and the surrogate were to different women. And again ROSJURCONSULTING was up for the job.

Maria was introduced, a mother of too beautiful boys herself. She was so generous to travel all the way to Denmark, when we found that the baby had an intern birth defect. An operation was needed and we were not comfortable to do this in Russia. Maria then flew all the way to meet our needs. We took good care of here of cause, booking her an apartment in down town close to the Russsian church, computer to Skype and a translator to assist her. The translator having assisted in 13 births before “ours”.

Maria is truly our angel. Never have we met a more dedicated woman. Always remembering her vitamins, not drinking or smoking, talking and singing to our little boy every day.

Yes Maria had to leave her own family. But she did it out of love. And we have a wonderful relationship to her now. She is not flooding us with mails, but we “google-translate” now and again. We attend to tell our child all about her, when he is old enough. This is not a secret for us – this is a miracle. A couple dearly wanting a child and a woman able to help.

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Rikke, Milton and Mark

11.07.12. We have now reached the big goal and we are the happiest parents to two perfect little boys. The travelling back and forth to St. Petersburg during the last 2 years has been both financially and even more so emotionally hard, but our dream of a complete family has now come true and we feel every second of this journey has been worth it.

Before starting the program we did a lot of research regarding surrogacy programs in different countries. After years of research we chose Rosjurconsulting and we are very happy with our choice. We feel like your whole team is very professional and that you have a high standard for what you do. In the beginning we were disappointed that it was so difficult to find the right surrogate mother, but when you found Maria for us, the angel who gave us the biggest gift anyone can give, we felt it had been worth all the waiting. We immediately felt that she has the right person for this and we can never thank her enough for what she has been through for us.

Regarding the communication with e-mails we sometimes felt like there was a language barrier, but this was only a problem when we communicated with e-mails because always when we were present in St Petersburg we got excellent interpretation from Marina or Dmitri. We are very thankful that we had the possibility to get help with interpretation from Marina along the whole process.

We are also thankful to Sergey that he could help us and give us information regarding the medical part of the program, the pregnancy and calm us with our worries regarding the screening tests in the beginning of the pregnancy. We also know that his support was very important to Maria during the whole process and it felt good to us. Also Natasha’s support was important to Maria and we are thankful that she was with Maria during the whole program.

Maxim has done excellent work regarding the legal part of the program. Thank you for that! We never had the chance to meet your CEO, Konstantin Svitnev, in person, but are grateful for the help from him we have got regarding the difficulties with the Finnish authorities.

We wish your whole team a nice and warm summer!

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Nina, Nikolai, Anton & John

We are a couple from Sweden, and we used Rosjurconsulting in Moscow to make a surrogate program. We came in contact with Mr. Svitnev and the company through a search on the internet as we where looking for a surrogate mother / surrogate programs after we had tryed getting children in a natural way. And that did not succed. We reviewed every way in Sweden.

The company offered various programs for different needs. We were nervous to start with the company regarding it was in Russia, and we had a lot of prejudices about Russia, as many people have. After this journey, we dont have that today.

We went down in November / Dec -07 for meeting Mr Svitnev and start our program. We were good taking care of by the company. The company arranged the meetings with all the doctors, clinics, and reserved the hotel to us to stay in. Arranged as an invitation for visa.
The fact that there was only lawyers in the company fellt secured, and also that Mr.Svitnev has  helped lot of the proposed parents in Russia and other countries also felt good. It is according to our point of view a very knowledgeable and professional man, as  we do recommend working with.

The company has helped us a lot during the time of travel, even moore addition to their obligations, as we had some bureaucraticly concern both in Russia and in Sweden. We was in contact with Mr. Svitnev trough thecomputer and telephone from Sweden.

August -08 we had a confirmed pregnancy for our Surrogacy-mother. She is a nice and warm women.  Every week / month got specifying around the pregnantcy to our computer from Mr Svitnev.

1st of April -09, we went to Russia and Moscow to wait for the childbirth. Mr.Svitnev arranged with an invitation for our visas.  Our surrogacy-mother gave birth to our son 7/4-09. We stayed  some weeks in Moscow for all the papers to be ready. We  learned to know the genuine Russian, and the country while we were staying there, and we did fell in love in Moscow and the russian people.

We are planning to visit Moscow again when our son will be 1 years old. We also have contact with other couples wright now using Rosjurconsulting, that we do recommends warmly.  It is a very serious law firm with professional staff.

If you want to reach us, ask questions or have some advice our e-mail is [email protected]

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Family Henriksson from Sweden with there son Gabriel 6 months old

We are a married Norwegian couple, just passed 50 of age, who now have made our fantastic dream come true. Thanks to Euroconsulting for realizing our dream.

We started the process with Euroconsulting by visiting their web-site. Then we sent an email to Konstantin with a question if they would be able to realize our dream to have our own baby. Because of many years of illness it was not possible for us to have a baby the natural way, we needed IVF assistance. We got a quick reply from the Euroconsulting, and we had a lot of questions. We received confident explanations to all our questions and this was crucial for us to sign the contract. We were a bit sceptical to the process and to pay the instalments. This scepticism was related to that Ukraine was a total unknown country for us, as a part of the former USSR.

We were the first Norwegian couple who signed the contract and we had no other couples to ask for their experiences. We contacted a Norwegian lawyer and he recommended us strongly to go to USA to get this assistance.
Anyway, we would try the unknown. Ukraine is a part of Europe so our way home with a new born baby would be much shorter and easier for us. But in Ukraine we were prepared to meet a lot of barriers, language barrier with cyrillic letters and for us total unknown culture.

During the whole process from the very first contact with Konstantin we have got a fantastic information. Our surrogate mother (SM) got pregnant in the first attempt. Through the pregnancy we got regularly reports, we got ultra sound pictures of the baby and Euroconsulting answered all our questions. The time from pregnancy to delivery was very exciting. We also got information that we would get a girl.

Our baby was born at a public delivery hospital in Kiev. Due to the risk of danger of infection we were not allowed to be present at the delivery, but our very healthy daughter was brought to our apartment after two days. It was no doubt this was our biological child!

We are very satisfied with the public health system in Kiev, maybe better than the Norwegian.

Euroconsulting suggested some websites, so we rented an apartment via Internet and we had an amazing time with our daughter during our stay in Kiev. The staff of Euroconculting gave us fantastic help during our stay in Kiev, and we were allowed to contact them both day and night. They helped us with everything from buying local sim phone-cards, teached us the subway-system, and translated everything we needed including all kind of medical issues, to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

A baby doctor and a nurse from the local hospital visited our apartment and followed up with medical examinations of our child. Our child was also brought to the local hospital for examination. This was very relieving for us and we also got answers to all our questions from medical expert knowledge.

The staff of Euroconsulting got our birth certificate with apostille and this was the only document our embassy needed to issue our daughter a passport. Our embassy arranged so Norwegian authorities gave our daughter Norwegian personal number and the embassy also issued our daughter a passport in few days and we could travel home.

In the future we will travel many times to Ukraine, to let our daughter visit her birth country. Ukraine will always have a big place in our hearts. Kiev is a beautiful city, with a lot of sights both historical and cultural. We experienced no crimes at all during our stay, in spite of the fact that we many times walked around in the city and parks late in the evening. The people are very kind and helpful.

Now, we are home in Norway, with our beautiful angel. She is a miracle thanks to EuroconsultingThey have made our dream come true, and what a dream!

We are so grateful to Euroconsulting and their fantastic staff in Ukraine. Thank you very much.

We have now asked Euroconsulting to start the process for a second child.

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A Norwegian couple

Dear Konstantin,
Our life has been truly blessed since our dear boys Ayden and Christopher came into it.

The long struggle to achieve our family is all worth it. The time spent travelling back and forth to Ukraine was financially draining but more so emotionally draining. There were times when we felt lost and not sure if we were doing the right thing but the need and drive to complete our family was so strong we couldn’t let go of the dream.

There are times when we think about would we do it all over again. And yes we sometimes think it was too hard, but then we look at our boys and know that it was worth it.

The Australian Government had difficulty in understanding our situation and this caused a lot of stress. They had not dealt with the case of surrogacy from Ukraine and we were a test case. Hopefully we have paved the way for other prospective families.

The people of Ukraine we found to be friendly even though there was a language barrier.

The people we came across were always helpful as best they could be and we have nothing but praise for them. Your legal team were also very supportive and gave more of their time than was probably theirs to give. We did have a lot of unforeseen hurdles and thus we relied on them very much.

The medical staff were also very supportive and were able to open some doors for us as the procedures in Australian hospitals when giving birth is very different than in Ukraine.

This made the actual birth of our boys more realistic for us and familiar.

If there is any one thing that could have made it all less stressful it would be that we had more information about the difference between our culture and the Ukrainian culture. Things like medical procedures, where to find basic essentials (especially for babies) lifestyle, living arrangements etc.

I hope this doesn’t sound too negative because it is not meant to be. It is a true account, in brief of our time in Ukraine and the process we went through to have our beautiful boys come into our life.

We have not forgotten our experience and probably never will.

Both Carl and I are happy to have you put our letter and picture on your website. We do hope that many more couples can have the joy that we both have now in our lives.

Best regards to you and your family.

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Joan and Carl and Ayden and Christopher

Hola Tino:

Feliz Navidad, te enviamos nuestros mejores deseos para el nuevo año.

Los niños están estupendos y nosotros muy felices!

El próximo año es año santo en Galicia, si tienes pensado visitar Santiago de Compostela, estaremos encantados de acompañarte y de ensañarte nuestro pueblo un abrazo.

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Nacho, María, Mateo y Amelía

Dear all,

As Hanne and Elke are celebrating their first anniversary, I own you a little information about our last six months. Short resume: Pneumonia, Rota virus, colds, stomach flue and ear infections and for us a chronicle sleep deprivation. Facts and figures: Hanne = 73 cm and 8.500 kg Elke = 71 cm and 9.190 kg

A little bit longer: When we arrived in Belgium, we went straight to the hospital because Hanne had pneumonia and Elke had a bad flue. A week later we were dismissed and could see our own beds for the first time in 6 months, but Elke had a rota virus and shared it with us all. Even my parents joined the party. So these were the first 3 weeks.

In March I started working full time and the kids went to a care taker. With the contact of the other children, our regularly visits to the doctor started again. I don’t exaggerate if I tell you that every two weeks we saw the doctor 2 or 3 times. And our little wonders share everything with us. Their illnesses, sleepless nights, throw up milk, vegetables … but also their smiles, laughs, sounds, stretched arms towards you…

It is so fantastic to see their evolution. Sitting straight up, bending forwards and backwards, holding little pieces, discovering their hands and feet, starting to move the thumbs. At this moment they are fascinated by tower blocks (?) pots, putting in each other, putting on top, putting their hands in…

And if something is interesting enough to investigate thoroughly they are trying to crawl. Elke is crawling backwards and gets upset that she is going the wrong way. Hanne, on the other hand, is thinking first, trying everything else, and then moves on her bottom towards it. But what Hanne likes the most is walking around by holding two of our fingers. It can’t go quick enough. Elke is also walking with help, but she is less stable.

Even as they are twins, they are not alike. They are two totally different girls and that makes it very fascinating.

Greetings from the birthday girls,

Warm regards!

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Nowadays it’s easy not to have children when you don’t want them. It’s another matter, however, when you do want children but fate seems to have decided otherwise.

Being as I was in the second situation meant that my quest to have a child was a seemingly endless struggle.

I first tried to adopt a child, but I finally gave up in the face of the complexity and lengthiness of the bureaucratic process and the great uncertainty as to whether in the end the child welfare authorities would authorize me to adopt, which is an absolute prerequisite to adopting either inside or outside the country. I then decided to try to have a child through a surrogate mother. The problem was that at that time such an option was only possible in the United States through a few organizations charging exorbitant fees. So after much fruitless searching for a viable solution I abandoned that idea and went back to the adoption process, determined this time to follow it through to the end.

The process was underway and slowly inching its way forward when one day, during an internet discussion forum I learned of two beautiful babies born through a surrogate mother in Russia. I immediately got in touch with the parents. In the course of two months of e-mail exchanges I learned about the couples’ experiences in Russia and about Rosjurconsulting’s services and what I heard convinced to make an appointment with the agency.

Once I had signed the agreement with the agency, its staff took charge of everything. In a country like Russia the administrative procedures are extremely complex but Rosjurconsulting had the knowledge and skills to handle the entire process from A to Z.

Although I was prepared and convinced that at least two attempts would be necessary before a child was conceived, in fact the procedure was successful with the first attempt. The pregnancy went exactly as planned and each new ultrasound scan I received marked an exciting milestone. Finally in winter I experienced the most wonderful day in my life. Thanks to the kind young surrogate mother who I was able to meet several times, I become the father of the world’s most beautiful baby- my own !

In enabling me to fulfill this desire for a child that had persisted for so many years, Rosjurconsulting has brought me more joy than I could ever have hoped for. My life as well as that of my family has been transformed since my son’s birth.

While I realize that my good luck throughout the process was a helpful element, I am convinced that the key factors in the success of my project were the advanced, high quality medical care that my son and his mother received and the hard work and highly professional service provided by the staff of the agency.

My warmest thanks and immense gratitude to all those who contributed to the creation of my new family.

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L’agence Jurconsulting a changé notre vie. 15 mois seulement après avoir commencé les démarches, et avec 2 tentatives, nous sommes devenus parents de ces 2 petits garçons. Aujourd’hui ils font notre bonheur.

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Hello Konstantin,

How is everything going in Moscow? Katherine is doing fine – she is growing fast and is a happy little girl. She is a very easy baby and is adored by everyone in the family. I’ve attached a couple of recent photos.

I will most likely start another program in a couple of years – as I need to rebuild my cash reserves. I’m happy to be a member of your Happy Parents Clubs.


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Wir sind ein schwules Paar aus Deutschland und uns wurde durch Rosjurconsulting ermöglicht, zwei leibliche gesunde zuckersüße Zwillinge zu bekommen.

Begonnen hat alles an Weihnachten 2008. Nachdem wir in Deutschland sämtliche Möglichkeiten einer Adoption durchgemacht hatten und uns alles verwehrt wurde fiel mir die Möglichkeit einer Leihmutterschaft an. Über google bin ich dann auf Rosjurconsulting gestoßen. Ich hatte gar nicht lange gezögert und habe per E-Mail unsere Situation geschildert und auch klar darauf hingewiesen, dass wir zwei Väter sind, wir also sowohl eine Eispende wie auch eine austragende Mutter brauchen. Konstantin Svitnev hat auch prompt auf diese E-Mail geantwortet.

Dies war die erste Mail seit Jahren für uns, die uns endlich einen Funken von Hoffnung verbreitete. Er schrieb, es ist alles kein Problem in der Russischen Föderation. Kommen Sie zu uns, wir sprechen über alles und wir können dann bald mit dem Programm starten. Ich hatte bereits in Deutschland ein Spermiogramm und die benötigten Test auf Syphilis, HIV und Hepatitis machen lassen, wie von Rosjurconsulting empfohlen.

Nur zwei Wochen nach der ersten E-Mail gings dann auch schon los nach Kiev, wo sich einer der Büros von Rosjurconsulting befindet. Der Reiseablauf wurde seitens der Agentur perfekt vorbereitet. Es stand bereits am Flughafen ein Chauffeur bereit, das Hotel war gebucht und ein deutschsprachiger Dolmetscher war auch gleich vor Ort. Es ist schon eine Seltenheit, in der Russischen Föderation englisch sprechende Menschen vorzufinden, deutschsprechende umso seltener. Deshalb kann man da absolut froh drüber sein. Konstantin Svitnev empfing mich in seinem Büro, hat alle Fragen ausführlich beantwortet, die einem so auf dem Herzen liegen. In dieser Vorbereitungsphase hat man als möglich werdende Eltern unendlich viele Frage und Ängste. Deshalb ist es eine unglaubliche Hilfe, dass Konstantin eigentlich rund um die Uhr per Handy zur „Beruhigung“ zur Verfügung steht. Für werdende Eltern steht die Welt ab Vertragsunterzeichnung auf dem Kopf, da man nicht weiß, ob und wie alles klappen wird.

Die Leihmutter, die gleichzeitig dann auch als Eierspenderin zur Verfügung stand, war wenige Monate später gefunden. Wenn man erst mal mit den sehr strengen Leihmutterschaftsgesetzen in der Russischen Föderation vertraut ist, weiß man es zu schätzen, dass sie so schnell gefunden wurde. Der erste Befruchtungsversuch war positiv, dies wurde uns zwei Wochen nach der Befruchtung bereits telefonisch mitgeteilt. Noch drei Wochen später kam dann die unglaubliche Botschaft, dass es sogar Zwillinge werden. So eine wichtige und freudige Nachricht wird man im Leben bestimmt kein zweites mal bekommen. Dies kann nur derjenige verstehen, der alles versucht hat, eigene Kinder zu bekommen. Die Serviceleistungen der Agentur sind ab hier in aller Perfektion abgelaufen. Es wurden regelmäßig Berichte per Mail an uns bezüglich des Gesundheitszustandes der Mutter gesendet worden.

Die Mutter musste sich wöchentlich in der Privatklinik in Moskau untersuchen lassen und alle vier Wochen wurde ein Ultraschall gemacht. In diesem Fall der Zwillingsschwangerschaft wurden besondere Vorsichtsmaßnahmen ergriffen, wie Freistellung von der Arbeit, gesonderte Medizin etc. Als werdender Vater und für meinen eigenen Seelenfrieden war es mir unheimlich wichtig, selbst einmal bei einer Ultraschalluntersuchung dabei zu sein. Ich erfuhr erst im nachhinein, dass dies völlig unüblich ist und andere Eltern diesen Wunsch nicht haben. Egal, ich und wir hatten diesen Wunsch dringend. Auch dieser Besuch in der Klinik und das Treffen mit der Leihmutter wurde von Rosjurconsulting von der Abholung vom Flughafen bis zum Treffen in der Klinik inklusive Dolmetscher bis ins Detail organisiert. Wenn man erst mal die Dimensionen von Moskau mit seinen 11,5 Millionen Einwohnern, das Verkehrschaos und die unglaublichen Flächendimensionen kennt, weiß man diesen Service umso mehr zu schätzen. Und: ob man es glauben will oder nicht, selbst russische Ärzte sprechen weder deutsch noch englisch. Deshalb ist der Dolmetscher ein wichtiges Instrument. So war auch diese Ultraschalluntersuchung ein tolles Erlebnis für mich. Ich durfte unsere Kinder das erste mal „lebendig“ auf dem Monitor betrachten und von da an wusste ich: es kann eigentlich nichts mehr schief gehen und diese zwei Lebewesen existieren nicht nur auf dem Papier sondern sie leben. Ich konnte hier auch die Privatpraxis kennenlernen, die die Mutter in der Schwangerschaft begleitete. Die Praxis ist mit den neuesten technischen Geräten und den besten Ärzten ausgestattet. Diesen Standard findet man selbst in Deutschland nicht.

In Deutschland wird man ja über die Medien ständig vor dubiosen Leihmutteragenturen gewarnt, die entweder Kinder aus Kliniken klauen oder auch nur das Geld im Voraus abkassieren und dann plötzlich verschwunden sind. Diese Gedanken hatten wir natürlich auch ansatzweise im Kopf. Aber wir konnten durch diese Kontakte unsere Ängste nach und nach ablegen. Die Leihmutter wurde dann von der Agentur und von den professionellen privaten Ärzten die komplette Schwangerschaft hindurch begleitet. Bei einer „Problemschwangerschaft“ aufgrund Mehrlingsgeburt umso wichtiger. Die Entbindung fand dann sechs Wochen früher als geplant statt. Rosjurconsulting hatte es trotzdem pünktlich geschafft, uns 90-Tage Visa zu beschaffen, uns ein erstklassiges Hotel für diese Zeit zu empfehlen und uns mitzuteilen, was wir alles mitzubringen haben. Wir hätten auch ein Appartement über die Agentur bekommen können. Uns wurde auch eine Nanny für ein oder zwei Monate angeboten, falls wir die Kinder erst abholen wollen, wenn alle Formalitäten erledigt sind.

Dies wollten wir aber nicht haben. Uns war es wichtig, die Kinder sofort nach der Entlassung aus der Klinik selbst betreuen zu können. Die Agentur sorgte dafür, dass wir mit Chauffeur und Dolmetscher in die Entbindungsklinik zur Abholung gebracht wurden. Hier konnten wir uns auch versichern, dass die Entbindung gut begleitet wurde und dass auch die Mutter und die Kinder nach der Entbindung rund um die Uhr versorgt wurden. Nachdem wir die Kinder glücküberschüttet überreicht bekamen haben wir uns von da an im Hotel um den Nachwuchs gekümmert. Die Agentur war auch in dieser Zeit ständig für uns telefonisch erreichbar und sie hat uns auch eine hoch angesehene Ärztin und Dolmetscher ins Hotel geschickt, damit der aktuelle Gesundheitsstatus überprüft werden konnte.

In der Zwischenzeit von Hotelaufenthalt bis zur Ausreise war die Agentur eine sehr wichtige Hilfe für uns. Gemäß der gebuchten Zusatzleistungen hat die Agentur für uns russische Kinderpässe im Express-service zukommen lassen. Man muss wissen, dass dies ansonsten bis zu drei Monaten dauern kann. Das heißt, man wartet diese drei Monate dann in Moskau ab, samt Kindern. Dann wurde ich mit der Leihmutter, Dolmetscher und Anwaltsgehilfe zum Moskauer Standesamt begleitet, wo ich die Vaterschaft, wie in Deutschland ja auch üblich, anerkennen musste. Nachdem diese Formulare in russisch ausgefüllt werden mussten, war ich sehr froh, dass ich das vorab üben und auch ausfüllen konnte unter Anleitung der Agentur. Auch bei sämtlichen für die deutschen Behörden notwendigen Formularen hat mich die Agentur beim Moskauer Notar begleitet. Die Wichtigkeit dieser Vorgänge und die notwendige Präzision wird einem erst bewusst, wenn man als Deutscher die Deutsche Botschaft für die Ausreise betritt. Da muss dann nämlich, gemäß deutscher Beamtenmanier alles mit Apostille, mehreren Stempeln, Unterschriften und mindestens zweifacher Kopie versehen sein.

Auch für das Verhalten bei der Botschaft gab es wertvolle Tipps von der Agentur. Ich selbst könnte darüber ein Buch schreiben, was wir da alles so erlebt haben, während und nach unserem Besuch. Konstantin hat die Leihmutter bis zur unseren endgültigen Ausreise aus Moskau in Moskau verfügbar behalten, was auch sehr wichtig ist, falls man schnell noch eine Unterschrift für die Behörden etc. bräuchte. Auch jetzt noch, fast einem Jahr nach der Entbindung steht uns die Agentur für unsere deutschen Behördenformalitäten noch zur Verfügung. Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle von ganzen Herzen bei Rosjurconsulting bedanken, beim ganzen ausnahmslos netten Team, bei den netten Dolmetschern, vor allem natürlich bei Konstantin Svitnev der alle auch noch so schwierigen rechtlichen Situationen mit uns begleitet hat. Tausend Dank natürlich an die Leihmutter, die uns unseren Traum ermöglicht hat und uns gesunde Kinder geschenkt hat.

Original version

A continuación voy a narrar mi experiencia hasta el día de hoy en mi programa de subrogación en Rusia.

Hace ya más de seis meses que me puse en contacto con varias agencias internacionales que se dedican a programas de maternidad subrogada, recibí ofertas de múltiples de estas agencias, desde Estados Unidos, varias fueron las agencias que me informaron de sus programas y los costes que este implicaba, también recibí ofertas desde India, otra de las opciones que también barajé.

Finalmente la balanza se inclinó a tomar la decisión de Rusia como país en el que llevaría a cabo mi programa de subrogación, muchas fueron las dudas hasta tomar la decisión final, siempre pesaba en mi mente el miedo y la desconfianza, hasta el día que tome la decisión final y acudí a Moscú, ahora estoy totalmente satisfecho y seguro de que lo que hice fue la decisión más acertada.

A continuación narraré paso a paso toda mi aventura desde el primer mail que envié hasta el día de hoy:

Yo soy un hombre de 39 años soltero y español, hace ya mas de tres años comencé en España trámite de adopción tanto nacional como internacional, el que haya comenzado estos trámites sabrá sobradamente que es tedioso, agotador y que nunca llega, por lo pronto en España la adopción nacional hay una espera de mas de 9 años, y la internacional nadie te define el tiempo, pero también es bastante largo. Todo esto me ha hecho buscar otra medida para lograr mi mayor deseo e ilusión de ser padre, por eso busque otras medidas y la encontré, la subrogación es la opción mas idónea para lograr ser padre y de mi propio hijo biológico.

Lo primero que hice fue buscar toda la información tanto legal como económica, una vez me informe de todos los pormenores, decidí hacerlo en Rusia, ya que aunque con prejuicios me daban garantías tanto legales como seriedad y rigor en el proceso.

Comocí a Alejandro, parte muy importante en mi decisión final, el es él traductor de bufete de abogados de Rosjurconsulting, el trato fue totalmente limpio y transparente.

En el mes de noviembre de 2009 me enviaron el contrato con todos los detalles que en este se podía exigir, en España lo valide con la ayuda de mi abogado, el cual me informó que todo se ajustaba a ley y que no había nada anormal en este, El día 8 de enero de 2010 llegue a Moscú, en el aeropuerto de esperaba Alejandro, traductor del bufete, se presentó a mi y me acompañó al hotel, siempre fue un referente para mi, ya que su español es perfecto y en todo momento se preocupó de mi bienestar en Moscú, el día 9 de enero a las 10 de la mañana me llevaron a la clínica VitaNova que se esta encargando de mi programa de subrogación, allí estaba Alejandro de traductor, el médico que estaría de responsable en todo el programa y yo. Se me explico claramente y con todo lujo de detalles todo el programa, como iba a ser, los tiempos que requería cada uno de los procesos así como las condiciones y el seguimiento que iba a tener la madre de subrogación, ese día en esa clínica, deposite mi muestra de semen y me fui a pasear por Moscú, mas o menos a la hora de abandonar la clínica el médico responsable de mi programa estaba llamando a Alejandro, mi traductor, y comunicándole los resultado de mi seminograma y las muestras que iban a ser congeladas, todo muy transparente y con información clara y rápida.

Ese día al ser sábado lo dedique a hacer turismo, el lunes por la mañana a las 9.30h en la puerta del hotel me recogió el chofer con coche privado para llevarme a la oficina de mi abogado en Moscú, Konstantín Svítnev, siempre acompañado de Alejandro, parte muy importante en todo este programa, mi traductor, y ahora mi amigo, llegamos a la oficina, el trato exquisito, me invitaron a tomar un café mientras leía una vez más mi contrato por si tenía alguna duda o quería añadir o cambiar algo.

La entrevista con Konstantín, fue muy cordial y de una cercanía plena, son un equipo de trabajo muy serio y transparente. Allí se definieron todos los términos del contrato así como el perfil de la donante de óvulos para la gestación de mi hijo/a.

En esta reunión que duró mas de dos horas, atendieron todas mis dudas y preguntas sin ninguna prisa, mi máxima inquietud era solucionar todas las preguntas que tenía que hacerles y la máxima inquietud de ellos era que para mi todo quedara claro y todas mis dudas estuvieran resueltas. Todo fue a la perfección, la verdad es que salí de ese despacho con la sensación de satisfacción y de que no me había equivocado en mi elección.

Me quedé en Moscú dos días mas de turismo, y durante esos días me surgieron muchas mas preguntas y dudas, por lo que llamé varias veces a Konstantín, por cierto, también habla español, y siempre me atendió y me respondió a mis dudas de forma clara y transparente.

Cuando llegue a España, me vine con la sensación de haber hecho lo correcto y de haber elegido bien, a día de hoy cada viernes puntualmente me informa Konstantín de como va el proceso de gestación, a día de hoy ya se que la donante esta en proceso de estimulación ovárica y que el próximo día 9 de febrero se llevara a cabo la fertilización de los óvulos, por lo que espero pronto me de Konstantín la buena noticia de que ya estoy “embarazado”.

El motivo de escribir mi experiencia no es otro mas que ayudar a todas aquellas personas que en el mismo caso que yo, no se atrevan por miedo o desconfianza, yo se lo que esto significa y como ya lo viví en mi piel, quiero contar mi aventura para que confíen en este equipo, que a mi me están demostrando semana tras semana que son muy rigurosos en su trabajo, se preocupan de velar por mis intereses y de mantenerme informado de cada uno de los pasos por los que va mi programa.

Sin mas un saludo a todos y animo que vale la pena.


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