Cambodian tropical surrogacy safe heaven turns out to be a real hell for intended parents

Health Minister of Cambodia Mam Bunheng announced a total ban on surrogacy.

This long expected measure means a collapse of this flourishing business and even bankruptcy for more than 50 surrogacy brokers operating in the country, which moved to Cambodia after Mexico, India, Nepal and Thailand tightened their regulations as for surrogacy or banned it outright.

"It seems that intended parents and surrogacy providers won't be granted any grace period to make alternate arrangements. I'm pretty sure that Cambodian surrogacy brokers knew it was going to end this way. The measure is not a surprise as the Justice Minister of Cambodia Ang Vong Vathana called earlier for a ban on surrogacy, describing it as a form of human “trading," said Konstantin Svitnev, C.E.O. of Rosjurconsulting law firm specializing in international surrogacy.

"It was completely irresponsible to start any surrogacy programs in a faraway exotic country lacking any legislation on the issue,” Mr. Svitnev said as interviewed by phone from New York. “Leaving apart financial losses, legal implications for intended parents, surrogates and children to be born will be very serious.”

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