A surrogate canít keep the child against its parents will

The Supreme Court of Russia ruled yesterday that a surrogate donít have a legal right to keep the baby. Should she refuse to hand over the child intended parents should go to the court to restore the justice.

There were a few cases when Russian courts in both Moscow and St. Petersburg ruled in favor of intended parents. The first case when intended mother gained her daughter from a surrogate through a court decision happened in 2015 in Moscow (Mirimskaya vs. Bezpataya). In February 2017 St. Petersburg city court ruled to return twins gestated by a surrogate to a married couple from St. Petersburg.

Mr. Konstantin N. Svitnev, Rosjurconsulting C.E.O. in a brief statement on the First National Channel of the Russian State TV highly appreciated the highest judicial authority decision calling it a major breakthrough in the legal regulation of surrogacy in Russia that protects lawful rights of intended parents and their children.

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