Vladislav Melnikov, C.E.O. of European Surrogacy Center, wished a Happy Mother’s day to all the surrogate mothers of Russia.

At Mother’s day, celebrated on the last Sunday of November in Russia, Vladislav Melnikov, the C.E.O. of the European Surrogacy Center, sent his best wishes to all the surrogate mothers of Russia.

« It has been twenty years now since the legal regulation of surrogate motherhood was enshrined legislatively by the adoption of the Russian Family Code. Since then, thousands of «artifically conceived» children carried by surrogates have been born. Those childen would never have been born without your help. Thousands or Russian families experienced the joy of parenthood thanks to you! » he said in the greetings text.

Mother’s day was officially set up in Russia as a celebration by decree of Boris Eltsin in 1998. 23 countries of the world celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May, following the example of the USA, who were the first to establish this celebration in 1914. About 30 countries, including Russia, celebrate this day on other dates, according to their national traditions.

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