Dangerous childbirth. New surrogacy scandal in Ukraine

Two citizens of France have been detained while attempting to take their "surrogate" twins out of the country

A row of surrogacy scandals in Ukraine continues. After the clamor over a Belgian lady who tried to take out a surrogate-born child in April 2010 for a Belgian gay couple (Peter Meurrens & Laurent Ghilain) , yet comes another wretched incident.

According to the report of Russian Channel 1, on March 21st, 2011 two French citizens, father and son Lieuroc, driving a minivan, were detained at the Ukrainian border. Increased nervousness of travelers met the eye of the border officers. They searched the car and discovered two newborn girls in the bedding compartment under the bunk, both unconscious.

The only papers that proved the origin of the children were two Ukrainian birth certificates that had been issued in Kiev. As it turned out, the girls named Kim and Viki were daughters of a younger Frenchman. They were born as a result of a surrogacy program in a maternity hospital in Kiev on January 23rd. The 38-year-old Patrice came to Ukraine with his father and, as he confessed to the border officers, they could not see any other way to take the children out of the Ukraine because of the legalization difficulties.

At the moment upcoming investigative procedures with the two Frenchmen are in progress. “To date the only thing known for sure is that the twins were really born to a Ukrainian surrogate mother”,  Georgiy Velikov (superior officer of the border checkpoint Vynohradiv in the Zakarpattia Oblast on the border of Ukraine and Hungary) said.

Before the father set off on in his risky journey, he had given the babies a strong sedative. The girls were urgently delivered to the hospital of the district capital Berehove. At this time the children’s condition is back to normal.

The incident was quickly brought to the attention of the Ukrainian leaders, and the Interior Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Mogilev has personally made the following comment: "If two people possessing official documents for the children are transporting the children in the luggage compartment, it raises the question both whether the documents are valid and how the children happened to be in that car."

Unfortunately, the term "surrogacy" is increasingly used in Ukraine in direct connection with the word "scandal". Let us just  recall the story of the American couple Jeanette Runyon and Michael Woolslayer who took the risk and carried out their surrogacy program in Ukraine after they lost their own daughter in a car accident. As a result Jeanette was accused of child trafficking and arrested in Kyiv and their new born daughter Victoria was “confiscated” by Ukrainian authorities.

It’s been 3 years now that the American couple has been fighting to get back their daughter Victoria, who is illegally held by Ukrainian authorities

The first incident in the CIS when the surrogate mother had refused to return a “surrogate” child to the legitimate parents also happened in the Ukraine .

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