The "Surrogate" child was returned to her mother.

Exciting detective story about the "kidnapping" of a surrogate child inheriting a huge fortune, escape of a surrogate mothers with a newborn baby to Cyprus and a mysterious death by poisoning of a young fertility specialist, bearing the embryos to a surrogate mother, was the subject of examination by the city parliament of Moscow.

As a result, the court upheld the decision in force of inferior, and delivered a judgment hand over the child to the mother-client of surrogacy program. In published comments on the website of the law firm "Rosjurconsulting" her director Konstantin Svitnev said that the decision of Moscow city court is "triumph of a law and common sense". With the permission of the company management quote from the comments:
"The surrogate mother doesnt have any genetic or blood relationship with the child she's carrying. She is no more than just a nanny, parents trust their baby for nine months and then she should return their baby back after this period. Now, however, parents-customers of the surrogacy program can be written as a parent only with the consent of the woman, carried their child, the surrogate mother. It is a formal agreement, and only it confirms that the fact of entering a woman into a surrogacy program that child carried by her - not her own. If surrogate mother does not give consent and keep the baby of somebody to herself, however noble words may disguise the kidnapping a child of somebody, there is abuse of right.
If the surrogate mother does not give her consent to write a parent into the register of births, the birth of a child should be considered in court.
I am sure that with decision making of this truly landmark decision to blackmail and extortion by unfair surrogate mothers will be effectively terminated and the rights of all parties involved in the surrogacy program, and especially children's rights will be protected".

With the full text of commentary given by Konstantin Svitnev you can find on the official website. the official website.

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