Nicole Kidman to have another child through surrogacy


The popular-though largely inaccurate-gossip site is claiming that Nicole Kidman may be having a baby to save her marriage. According to the website, National Enquirer thinks it's a latch ditch effort before pulling the plug: "According to the May 26th print edition of National Enquirer, since work simply sucks Nicole suddenly thinks that a new baby would fix everything that is currently wrong in her life. Plus Keith has always wanted a son so she has hatched a plan to have a surrogate carry another child for them. If it happens to be a boy then Nicole thinks that the whole experience will bring them together and that they'll be stronger than ever."

This isn't the first report we've seen that indicates Nicole and Keith are having problems. In fact, the rumors first got started when one source told Star thatNicole has had enough of Keith's thoughtless actions: "Nicole is fuming, because she thought they were going to spend pretty much the rest of the year together, at their homes in Sydney and Nashville. It's not easy for her to clear her schedule, since she works so much, but she did it. That's why she's furious Keith has decided to go touring again. She told him it shows how he feels about their marriage. She's devastated."

According to a source, the 46-year-old may hire a surrogate mother in a desperate attempt to salvage her troubled marriage with musician Keith Urban. The duo are hoping for a baby boy. "Keith is hoping for a son. And the plan is already bringing them closer together," said a source.

The 46-year-old earlier welcomed daughter Faith, who is three-years old now, through a surrogate mother.