Crown Princess of Norway went to India to care for surrogate twins

Recently, the press reported, the heiress to the throne of Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit went to India for twins born to an Indian woman who was a surrogate mother for homosexual biological parents.

The children were born in India for the friends of the Crown Princess, a homosexual couple from Oslo. In Norway surrogacy is prohibited, and India is doing its best to attract as many childless couples as possible: surrogacy is very popular there.

When the twins were born, it turned out that no one of their fathers was able to come fetch them: both suddenly had problems with their visas. The men were in despair, and then the future queen came to help them. 'I had the opportunity to travel,' said Mette-Marit through her press secretary. 'For me it was about two newborn children who were in the hospital. I had to do what I could.'

Indian authorities hasn't been notified about the visit of the distinguished guest. The doctors decided that the tall blonde woman was just 'a northern nanny.' After a few days at the hospital biological parents took over her shift; they finally got the necessary documents and came to New Delhi.

Mette-Marit does not enter into the debate on surrogacy which is increasingly heating up in Norway. "For me the case was about helping the babies that were left all by themselves," Scandinavian newspaper quoted her words.