Perfume King Joel Cruz became a father of surrogate twins

Mr. Cruz with his son Prince Sean

Known in Southeast Asia because of his perfume brands Aficionado Joel Cruz, Philippine multimillionaire who made his fortune in the sale of perfumes, became the father of twins, Prince Sean and Princess Synne. The twins were born in Moscow on 4 September 2012. They were conceived by IVF in a Moscow reproduction clinic, and carried by a Russian surrogate mother.

For nine years, Joel Cruz was trying to have children through surrogacy in several countries, but all attempts were unsuccessful. In the end, he chose Russia. The businessman says that he travels a lot and believes Russian are the most beautiful people in the world.

Mr. Cruz was assisted by Rosjurconsulting law firm and the European Centre of Surrogacy, which the perfume king entrusted his surrogacy program.

Mr. Joel with his daughter Princess Synne

Pregnancy in a Moscow reproduction clinic Vita Nova, specializing in surrogacy and oocyte donation, was achieved with the first attempt. The name of a surrogate mother, to bear twins, were not disclosed. On the genetic mother, it is only known is that she is very beautiful and, according to the perfumer, is similar to Jennifer Lopez.

The twins were first showed to the public on December 14 2012. during the christening ceremony that was attracted by almost all the Philipinian media. Attention of the reporters was focused on the lovely kids of the perfume king who will inherit the empire he created. Link to the ABS-CBN coverage of the ceremony.

In the Philippines, Joel Cruz is called the "lord of flavors", he owns more than 300 stores all around the country selling cosmetics and perfume under his brand.

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