Surrogates Line Up to Carry a Baby for Pugacheva and Galkin

The other day friends of Alla Pugacheva, the Russian Primadonna, have been gossiping that the singer asked her daughter, Christina Orbakayte, not throw out or give away the clothes of her baby daughter Claudia who is growing up rapidly. "I think, we could make use of them!", said the Diva with an enigmatic smile.

Alla Pugacheva, newly married to a young Russian artist Maksim Galkin, is likely to use the services of a surrogate mother. Many women are offering their surrogacy services to the starlet couple. For instance, a 23-year-old Marina is looking forward to giving birth to Galkin's and Pugacheva's child in return for a compensation equal to one million rubles; it's been rumoured that the girl is already under medical examination and about to start with her job.

Pugacheva seems to be shocked by the direct question on her surrogacy plans asked in public: "Do you think we're supposed to discuss such things? You can do it, but I can't. It's improper. Well, young people like you don't seem to care, but I can't do it like that. I won't say anything on the topic. Are you making fun of that, or what?"

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