"Surrogacy is a private matter. If there is such a need, and there are no other ways, why not? Children are a joy of life."

Alla Pugacheva

Will Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin become parents of a "surrogate" child?

The Russian pop Diva has repeatedly stated that she would like to become a mother for the second time. It is known that when she was a wife of another famous Russian singer Philipp Kirkorov, she visited IVF clinics and even considered the possibility to use the services of a surrogate. Not so long ago, the mass media reported on the possibility of replenishment in the family of 62-year-old Alla Pugacheva and her new husband, 35-year-old showman Maxim Galkin.

Turns out, the celebrity couple began to think about procreation. After "surrogate" daughter Alla-Victoria had been born to her ex-husband Philipp Kirkorov, who became a father at the age of 44 for the first time, Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin said they wanted to become the parents of their own child. However, it is not clear how they are going to realize their dream. This will be known very soon, but it seems Pugacheva’s child will be borne by a surrogate.

Theoretically, Pugacheva could bear a child by herself. In Russia there is no upper age limit for patients who wish to use assisted reproductive technologies in order to become parents. There are cases when women gave birth at the age of 60 and even 70. Last year Pugacheva who will be 63 in April 2012 stated that “God willing” and held up an example of a 66-year-old woman from Ukraine, who was able to give birth to a healthy child after IVF using donor embryos.
Some cryobank might store prima donna’s eggs in liquid nitrogen. Apparently, 35-year-old Galkin is quite fertile.

With the help of modern technologies a portrait of a future child has even been created. For this purpose baby pictures of the celebrities have been used. One can assume that their children will be very nice.

However, considering all the circumstances unassisted pregnancy is questionable. Perhaps, in this case surrogacy will actually be the best option for the Diva and her unborn child.

The most famous Russian pop singer expressed her opinion on the subject: "Surrogacy is a private matter. If there is such a need, and there are no other ways, why not? Children are a joy of life."

As a rule, Russian celebrities hide their "surrogate" pregnancy as long as they can and announce it when a child is born, as for example, Philipp Kirkorov did. We wonder whether a surrogate is already bearing Pugacheva and Galkin’s baby, or the couple is planning to look for a suitable woman to give birth to their future heir? And could a “surrogate” child become the reason of a sudden recent registration of their relationship?

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