A Heir from Russia, 2 different success stories on surrogacy in the Russian Federation as viewed by the First Channel.

A Spanish couple, Juan Carlos and Carmen, unable to conceive in a natural way, became parents through a surrogacy program implemented by Vita Nova IVF clinic and Rosjurconsulting law firm For the first time a happy couple give their comments after the birth of their daughter Isabel. Mrs. Larisa Rogacheva, a Russian surrogate who carried Isabel for 9 months under her heart is proud to share her feelings as for the program as well.

Mrs. Natalia Klimova, a Russian woman who lost her only son to cancer and became a “surrogate” grandmother of a baby boy conceived after her son was dead, also entrusted Rosjurconsulting with her unique posthumous surrogacy program.

Mr. Konstantin Svitnev, Rosjurconsulting’s CEO, comments on restrictive legislation on assisted reproduction in Western countries infringing a basic human right to procreate and to form a family.

State Duma (Russian parliament) deputies Mr. Sergey Kolesnikov and Mrs. Natalia Karpovich share their views on surrogacy.

See on YouTube the documentary A Heir from Russia made by the First Channel of the national Russian television on the dreams that came true thanks to Vita Nova and Rosjurconsulting.