Another "surrogate" scandal in Ukraine. Ukrainian surrogate mother refused to give the children she had carried to their legitimate parents.

More "surrogate" scandals related to the activity of negligent Ukrainian mediators in the field of surrogacy or "surrogate" tricksters have been noised abroad. Unfortunately, they have becoming more frequent in Ukraine …

Victims of tricksters and the effect of the notoriously imperfect Ukrainian legislation are not only foreigners, but also the Ukrainians. Take the case of Lyudmila and Alexander from Ukraine, for example. The surrogate mother that carried their child refused to give it to them, notwithstanding the fact that she must have given the child to its legitimate parents according to the Ukrainian law. There are numerous examples of credulous foreign couples.

Let's recollect the situation of an American married couple, Jeanette Runyon and Michael Woolslayer. For three years they have been struggling to get back their "surrogate" daughter Victoria, whom they were illegally deprived of, and who was given to a Ukrainian couple., Let's take the Belgian couple, Peter Meurrens & Laurent Ghilain, who was detained with their son Samuel at the border. There is also a case of the French citizens, father and son Lieuroc, who were deprived of the children – twin girls - at the Ukrainian border.

Here is one of the recently received letters, a cry from the heart of the couple who hoped to become parents with the assistance of one company in Ukraine. But, instead of this, they were deprived of their newborns, their flesh and blood, and lost their trust to people, not saying a word about the money they had paid for their reproductive program implementation. As many other frustrated parents, they were deceived and disappointed, they were squeezed of all the money they had. Now they just couldn't afford another program. Ukrainian tricksters and indifferent officials deprived them of the possibility to become parents.

We are an Italian married couple. We resorted to one Ukrainian company for surrogacy. After the children had been born, the surrogate mother registered them under her surname and refused to give them to us. We filed for a civil suit. But during this first suit the surrogate mother and her husband declared of the children being theirs. No judge had the courage to authorize the DNA test. We just lost the time compiling and applying useless documents (as if it were an adoption procedure). Then we filed for another civil lawsuit in Bar (the place where the surrogate mother lived) and for a penal one in Vinnytsia (where we were residing). An inquest was started. The public prosecutor authorized the DNA test. The surrogate mother and her husband signed the document, in which they agreed to have the test done, but they never appeared with the children (2 times).

In the state-run television channel (Ukraine) (you may have seen it) she declared of her involvement in a surrogacy program. She lied that she had had to register the children since nobody claimed them during two and a half months from their birth, that she was afraid of our using the children to extricate their organs, that we were not able to take them to Italy. However, this was not true. On the day of birth of the children we were in Ukraine already. I immediately went to the maternity hospital. I brought to the surrogate mother baby clothes, feeding bottles, nappies and other necessary things. I gave 700 grivnas per week to support her and the children in the maternity hospital. It turned out that she had registered the children several days after their birth (it could be proved by the registries in the registrar), and the on the 23d of November she applied for child benefit (we had a copy of this application).

Then we learnt with the assistance of our lawyers that the company we had resort to hadn't concluded any agreement with the surrogate mother and her husband, who demanded more money for giving the children to us. Without informing us about it, the company had rejected their demand and made us file for the first lawsuit in Bar. With lawyers without a contract, it turned out to be a clowning around. They were charged with making us waste time in order to induce us to make a try with another program as they had already pocketed the money we had paid for the program (we had receipts to prove it) So, 5 months later we understood that the whole thing was fraud and changed the lawyers.

The lawyers we have now are very good, but they are sorting it out so slowly. We'd like to get a stronger support.

It has been 9 months since the children are in the house of the surrogate mother. She keeps them there as if they were prisoners (they never went out of there). Is it possible that a surrogate mother can make a fool of everybody and everything, including the law? Why can't anybody prevent it? Or, moreover, why can't the social services take the children from her and keep them in an institution until the law regulates it? I am not sure whether you can help us. We hope you can, as we find the present situation very unjust. What is the sense in your law? Article # 123? Is it valid only on paper? Or is it all a trickery?