Medical Issues

When one desires to implement a surrogacy programme/to undergo infertility treatment/to carry out IVF or/and ICSI procedures, it is vitally important to distinguish between two essential parts that constitute such type of a programme.

First of all, one should remember about the legal part/issues of such programmes, and that is why legal agencies dealing with surrogacy do their business: assistance in obtaining/issuing official documents, drawing up correct legal instruments are crucial here. Once failed to make up the correct contract, once made a little mistake in the document layout, big problems may come up later! That is why it is important to find a proper lawyer/agency that would help you to do all these things correctly and within a shorter period of time. And that is what you can read about on our site, too.

The second part of such a programme is the medical one: to have a child and have your names put onto the Birth Certificate, a baby has to be born first. And to have a baby, a surrogate mother and medical specialists (gynecologists, reproductologists and embryologists) do a great job.

Hence, we have decided that some essential information concerning how all the medical things go within a programme would be quite useful for you to sink in the principle of the whole process!

Konstantin Svitnev
"Rosjurconsulting" General Manager
European expert in embryology