Mother for money.

Know-how in a Kharkov way. The Ukrainian women gave birth for the European couples. Who managed to bypass the law?

"It were dreadful moments. This agreement, that I, the real mother of the child, refuse him, that I give my consent so that the father of the child to remove it abroad, that I won't apply for the child, and other similar documents from which, of course, I was shocked".

Olga, who lives in Kharkov, read the announcement in the local newspaper that a local company Vita Felice was looking for substitute mothers. The jobless woman approached under required parameters Ц age till 30 years old, good health, no children.

"A decisive factor was that in 9 months I couldn't earn such amount of money anywhere else".

As a result Olga signed an agreement with La Vita Felice.

An agreement as for provision of services of a surrogate mother provided participation of clinic of the Sana Med, of the doctor Feskov.

Olga: "This clinic was closely connected to the company Vita Felice. As all the girls who provided their services as surrogate mothers, passed there their medical examination".

The relation to surrogate motherhood in the world is different. It is forbidden in Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden and France. So childless European couples come to Ukraine.

Two attempts for a German and a Dutch couples failed, the third couple from Spain was more lucky Ц Olga became pregnant and began to receive 300 euro for food, and also 1000 euros for a successful attempt.

Olga: "During my admission to the maternity hospital and when the paperwork was done, it wasn't even mentioned anywhere that IТm a surrogate mother".

The Spanish parents who spent all their time at the maternity hospital, were introduced to the physicians as grandparents of the child to be born.

Olga: The maternity hospital required my address as it was necessary to indicate it when leaving the hospital, and an employee of the Vita Felice† falsely indicated some unfamiliar destination for which I was supposed to leave with the child.

The Prosecutor of Kharkov Evgen Popovich: "By arrangements and, in certain cases, threats the officials of the La Vita Felice forced surrogates to register themselves at the State Registry offices as "biological" mothers".

Olga: "We came to the Registry office, they took out documents which should be signed, we signed them then issued the certificate of birth of the child where I was listed as his natural mother. I was shocked Ц how it turned out that my name was listed on the birth certificate at all? They told me that it was simply a small formality in order to make it possible possible to leave with the child abroad".

All processes were conducted by the same notary.

The Prosecutor of Kharkov Evgen Popovich: "It is necessary to penalize this notary, as it involves a disciplinary responsibility, as documents were issued where Olga was listed as mother of the child though biologically speaking it isn't so. All these documents, including declarations of refusal from the child and others, were sent to the consulates for the receipt of the passport or the exit permission for a child so that he could travel abroad".

Based on all these materials, proceedings against the clinic Sana Med were initiated, and in the office of doctor Feskov were found medical cards of 63 more substitute mothers.

In the case of illegal export of surrogate children 20 volumes have been already collected. It has been established that five children left abroad with homosexual couples.

The Prosecutor of Kharkov Evgen Popovich: "Foreign couple were shocked by this situation. They were sure that the Vita Felice works according to the letter of law and all formalities were observed according to the Ukrainian legislation".

La Vita Felice was closed, and its employees were detained for 24 hours. Criminal case on illegal transportation of children abroad and failure to pay taxes in especially large size for three years was initiated. The responsible persons responsible for these crimes can go to prison for 9 years.