Surrogacy is the way or How to become parents in Russia. The true story of Hermann and Manuela from Germany.

For lots of infertile couples, Russia is a place where the desire to have children can be fulfilled.

Hermann and Manuela, a married couple from Germany, come to Moscow to see if it is true for yourself.

They turn to the law firm Rosjurconsulting, a renowned leader in the Russian market of surrogacy.

Atty. Konstantin Svitnev, CEO of Rosjurconsulting, is an expert in the field of legal and ethical issues related to surrogacy.

At the end of negotiations, Hermann and Manuela decide to sign the contract and start their reproductive program in Russia.

Konstantin Svitnev congratulates the Intended Parents with the start of their struggle for happiness.

Hermann and Manuela get back to Germany where they spend several months.

Manuela starts to take hormonal medication to prepare herself for egg retrieval.

Moreover, the couple is receiving profiles of surrogate mothers from Rosjurconsulting.

The choice of Hermann and Manuela is a young lady from the Crimea, Violetta.

They meet their surrogate mother in person during their next visit in Moscow.

In the meantime, Manuela has her egg retrieval completed.

In the lab, her eggs will be fertilized using HermannТs sperm.

Violetta is ready to carry the baby of the Intended Parents.

In a few months, Hermann, Manuela and her daughter from a previous relationship Lara come to see Violetta in the Crimea.

Intended Parents can feel how their baby is moving for the first time in their lives Ц in ViolettaТs tummy.

Ultrasound check results indicate that their family will be supplemented with another girl.

They are very happy about the fact the baby is healthy and developing normally.

Violetta has become a very dear person to Manuela who is going to feel obliged for her whole life.

After several more months, the married couple comes to Moscow again.

Hermann is discussing the legalization procedure with the lawyers of Rosjurconsulting.

And here came the day when ViolettaТs waters broke.

The labor is running smoothly and with no complications.

But still, nor Hermann, nor Manuela can't contain themselves to hide the overwhelming emotions.

Manuela is cutting off the umbilical cord of her own baby.

Happy newly minted parents decide to give their daughter the name Mira.

Three days after the delivery, Violetta waives her rights to the baby. From that moment on, Hermann and Manuela are also official parents of Mira.

They spend a little while in Moscow to finish the paperwork formalities for the child.

As they return to Germany, their other daughter Lara meets them at the airport.

All their friends and family throw a great party in honor of the newborn Mira. information service.