Surrogacy is the way or How to become parents in Russia. The true story of Hermann and Manuela from Germany.
06.05.18 | SHURA would like to become a father. And he is looking for a surrogate mother.
29.01.18 | Russian pop-star Dmitry Malikov fathered a boy - reportedly through surrogacy.
05.07.17 | A child born abroad to a surrogate mother may now be adopted by its father's husband.
18.06.17 | The sweet smell of fatherhood.
28.04.17 | A surrogate can't keep the child against its parents will.
12.03.17 | Cristiano Ronaldo to be the dad of twin boys conceived through surrogacy.
27.11.16 | Vladislav Melnikov, C.E.O. of European Surrogacy Center, wished a Happy Mother's day to all the surrogate mothers of Russia.
03.11.16 | Cambodian tropical surrogacy safe heaven turns out to be a real hell for intended parents.
27.09.16 | Exclusive: World's first baby born with new “3 parent” technique.
25.08.16 | India bans commercial surrogacy and makes altruistic one accessible only for Indians.
18.04.16 | 'I was born without a womb, cervix and vagina'.
25.01.16 | Royal Christening of Philippinian twins born by a Russian surrogate
15.12.15 | Mexico bans surrogacy for foreigners
01.12.15 | Joel Cruz is father of twins - again!
13.11.15 | The "Surrogate" child was returned to her mother.
05.10.15 | Surrogacy in Cambodia might be dangerous.
21.09.15 | A Russian court put an end to the tyranny of surrogate mothers.
26.08.15 | All surrogacy programs in Nepal may be outlawed soon.
24.07.14 | Surrogacy in Thailand Under Fire
21.05.14 | Nicole Kidman to have another child through surrogacy
25.01.14 | A very modern family - and two young girls caught up in the toxic fallout: Lesbian mother and gay sperm donor at war over whether he should be a hands-on father
12.01.14 | I'm carrying my daughter's daughter! Grandmother, 58, is 32-year-old daughter's surrogate after she suffered a DOZEN failed pregnancies
25.12.13 | Iowa dad’s baby girl brings hope after wife dies of brain cancer
21.12.13 | New York actresses being auditioned to sell their eggs
26.11.13 | Surrogate baby now surrogate mom
19.11.13 | New laws to ban commercial surrogacy
15.11.13 | China to dramatically ease "one-child" policy
01.11.13 | Woman denied IVF because fiance has children already
15.10.13 | Test-tube baby boom: 5 million births and climbing
06.10.13 | Alla Pugacheva and her husband, Maxim Galkin, are the parents of twins, born via surrogate
29.09.13 | Baby switch at fertility clinic feared
27.09.13 | Judge Orders New Jersey to Allow Gay Marriage
18.09.13 | David Tutera splits up paternal twins
18.09.13 | Try every avenue; try anything you can do, 'cause you'll get there", New father Jimmy Fallon says.
17.09.13 | Revealed: Giuliana and Bill Rancic ask the kind-hearted surrogate who gave birth to their son to have baby No 2
15.09.13 | Couple's kids denied citizenship over surrogacy
01.09.13 | Surrogacy law to be challenged in court
21.08.13 | 'It was the happiest day of my life': Caprice welcomes a baby boy by surrogacy... just weeks before second child is due
06.03.13 | Crown Princess of Norway went to India to care for surrogate twins
28.02.13 | Lift Swedish ban on surrogate motherhood
18.02.13 | No anonymity for sperm donors, German court rules
01.02.13 | Perfume King Joel Cruz is planning to have more kids
18.01.13 | India blocks foreign gay couples from surrogacy
10.01.13 | Director Ryan Murphy became the father of surrogate child
24.12.12 | Perfumer Joel Cruz became father of surrogate twins
30.11.12 | A sad ending of La Vita Felice. According to Ukrainian media company La Vita Felice that was one of the most important players on the Ukrainian surrogacy market was closed, and its employees were detained.
30.11.12 | Mother for money. Know-how in a Kharkov way. The Ukrainian women gave birth for the European couples. Who managed to bypass the law?
25.11.12 | Grandmother Lamara Kelesheva, who became a mother of four "surrogate" grandchildren, and the first single woman in Russia to defend their right to become a mother through surrogacy Natalia Gorskaya, as well as mother-grandmother of the first "post-mortem" surrogate child in Russia Ekaterina Zakharova, General Manager of the reproduction and surrogacy company Rosjurconsulting Konstantin Svitnev appear in an exclusive RIA Novosti report on surrogacy in Russia dedicated to the Mother's Day.
24.10.12 | Surrogates Line Up to Carry a Baby for Pugacheva and Galkin
19.10.12 | A new discovery by Japanese scientists will potentially allow gay men to produce their own egg cells from their stem cells, without a female donor.
17.10.12 | It is impossible to use services of a surrogate mother in France. Therefore, the French willing to become parents go abroad - to the US, Russia or India where surrogacy is legal.
04.07.12 | Having seen record-breaking attendance, the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHRE) was finished in Istanbul on July 4, 2012
14.02.12 | Will Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin become parents of a "surrogate" child?
10.02.12 | Legal regulation of ART in Russia has changed. On January 31, 2012 the CEO of Rosjurconsulting Konstantin Svitnev answered the questions from our website visitors.
08.02.12 | A Surrogate who became a Heroine
07.02.12 | A Heir from Russia, 2 different success stories on surrogacy in the Russian Federation as viewed by the First Channel.
19.01.12 | On the 31st of January, 2012 the director of the law firm "Rosjurconsulting", Konstantin Svitnev, will be glad to answer questions of web visitors of
12.12.11 | Dein Bauch – Mein Baby, a new German documentary on surrogacy in Russia.
20.10.11 | Ukraine: "Reproductive Paradise" Turned Out to be a Hell for an Italian Couple.
05.10.11 | NEW!!!  Exclusive interview of Jeanette Runyon, a mother through surrogacy and a victim of Ukrainian laws
22.08.11 | Posthumous grandchildren
17.08.11 | Another "surrogate" scandal in Ukraine. Ukrainian surrogate mother refused to give the children she had carried to their legitimate parents.
21.04.11 | Kiev, 22nd of April, 2011. Why do foreigners have difficulties with carrying their surrogate children out of Ukraine? Commentaries and advice of the lawyers of the Ukraine Foundation of the companies providing organizational and legal support of ART programs regarding the recent "surrogate scandals"
30.03.11 | Dangerous childbirth. New surrogacy scandal in Ukraine
28.03.11 | Surrogacy in Ukraine to be prohibited for foreigners
17.01.11 | Actress Nicole Kidman does not hide the story of her daughters birth
17.12.10 | Ukrainian authorities hiding three-year-old surrogate daughter from her American mother
23.09.10 | Death is not the end.
14.09.10 | Surrogacy turned out to be bitter for a Belgian couple and their "surrogate" son in Ukraine
20.08.10 | No wife needed: Single Men Can Become Dads through Surrogacy, Moscow Court Says.
19.08.10 | India’s surrogate business wracked by legal problems
20.04.10 | Scientists from Amsterdam to determine a child’s sex at an early stage.
15.01.10 | Court decision is not required for registration of a surrogate child born for a single woman.

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Welcome to the pages of the first independent Russian website on surrogacy and all related issues. More than 6 million couples in Russia are infertile and have already lost the hope of having a child of their own. There are millions of prospective single parents from all over the world who are not married but, nevertheless, would like to have children genetically related to them without getting married.

Russia’s population goes down every year, the demographic situation in the country is about to turn into a catastrophe. Even the continuous flow of immigrants from the C.I.S countries (former USSR republics) cannot improve the country’s demographics.

Is there any way out? Is there any chance for millions of childless people to have a baby of their own? The assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have made it possible for them to become parents.

Surrogacy acquired the legal status in the Russian Federation in 1995 to become a real solution for millions of childless people, especially from the countries where surrogacy is still prohibited.

However, even nowadays there are people who are still unaware of such a possibility, some people consider surrogacy as a sin, others think it’s illegal. The Internet and the media are swarmed with fantastic myths about surrogacy. By confusing their clients, surrogacy agencies often make profit on their grief with more and more intended parents falling victims to surrogate swindlers and mediators dealing with surrogacy every year.

Lack of reliable information on surrogacy is becoming an especially burning issue now that public interest in it is growing. Our website will provide you with reliable information that will help you find answers to your questions and avoid problems that might arise when wanting to start a surrogacy programme.

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