Sister surrogate.

Sister surrogate.

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Alicia Green, a rhythmic gymnastics coach at the Columbia River Sports School, bore and gave birth to their baby Avin James for their sister and son-in-law, Cristina and Haris Hadziselimovic.

A framed cross-stitch pattern faces the living room inside the Ridgefield home of Haris and Cristina Hadziselimovic. Created by their sister-in-law Cait Ceccacci, it reads a phrase that characterizes the couple’s journey toward parenthood: The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow.

For eight years, their storm of unexplained infertility meant struggles and frustrations, disappointments and emotional tolls for the Vancouver natives who first met in college.

Their rainbow couldn’t be more clear or the pot of gold at the end more rewarding. That’s their daughter, Avyn James, born via gestational surrogacy one month ago.

Technically, Alicia Green is a wife, aunt, sister, mother of four and a gestational carrier. But Green, Columbia River High School’s head gymnastics coach and a local CT and MRI technologist, is more than that.

A better-fitting description of a role she played is a lead character of an inspiring story conceived in sisterly love. She became an aunt for the third time when she gave birth to her niece Dec. 27 by scheduled Cesarean section.


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