Millions of men are infertile. They just don’t talk about it.

Millions of men are infertile. They just don’t talk about it.

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For decades, women have been thought to be the main cause of infertility. Thanks to extensive research, it has now become clear that up to 50 percent of cases of infertility are associated with problems associated with sperm, but men tend to avoid public conversations on this topic.

Former bodybuilder Bradley Goldman said that the scanning of his last sperm showed the effect of a bombshell on him. The sperm count in his seminal fluid was almost zero.

Although infertility drugs help to slightly increase the concentration of sperm, Goldman complains that his libido suffers from this, because of what he lost 12 kg of muscles, feels depressed, and his energy potential is noticeably weakened.

“I have more than 10,000 thousands of people who follow my Instagram,” says Goldman, “and who don’t know who the f-ck I am.” The saddest thing is that he is not the only one.

“I understand that I am the embodiment of a modern successful man. I have a tattoo. I’m pumped up. I am professionally successful. And … I’m infertile. And how many other guys who have the same discrepancy between appearance and inner state! ” – exclaims Bradley.

However, it must be admitted that more and more men come to understand that it is possible and necessary to discuss infertility issues, especially when studies show that the concentration of sperm decreased by more than 50% in less than 40 years among men living in Western countries. Men who suffer from this problem or understand its threat are actively unite in groups of support and mutual assistance in social networks and real communities. “Before, I was not going to share my feelings with random and unfamiliar people,” admits Goldman, with a shudder in his voice, “but when I came across the revelation of a man who was thinking about suicide because of problems with infertility, I came to the conclusion that it needs to be done. This is something that many men go through, they just don’t talk about it. ”


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