Mexico bans surrogacy for foreigners

The famous sauce wasn't enough. Tabasco, the coastal Mexican-gulf state got its real international fame only after allowing surrogacy. It is - was - a cheap though not safe nor secure alternative to a US surrogacy.

The surrogacy experiment in Mexico has failed. Lack of clear legal regulation, unsrupulous middle men and high crime rate made Mexico not a safe heaven for childbearing, but a surrogate hell to thousands of intended parents, straight and gays, single and partnered who rushed to Mexico attracted by a relatively low price. Surrogacy scandals followed each other in a row undermining an international prestige of Mexico, that wasn't quite high even before that.

Well, the Mexican legislators agreed to put an end to scandals – at least international ones.

Starting from December 14th, surrogacy is an option to Mexican nationals only. Overwhelming majority (21-9) in the state legislature voted in favor of the measure making surrogacy possible for married Mexican couples only, where wife is aged 25 to 40 and medically unable to bear a child.

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